Policy Library

Westlands Medical Centre Patient Policy Library

This is a resource for patients to access key policies from the practice.  A brief explanation of each policy follows below. To access the full documents click on the links opposite.

You are entitled to a chaperone with you whenever you see a healthcare professional at Westlands. The Chaperones Policy will give you more details.

When you come to Westlands, you should feel safe, welcome and part of the community.  The Practice requires all people involved in visiting, working in or working for Westlands to adhere to our Equality and Diversity Policy.  

It’s really important that you keep an appointment you make with us. Appointments to see doctors and nurses are valuable to people who need our help.  Our Did Not Attend Policy outlines what happens when you don't turn up.

At Westlands, we hope that your dealings with us are always what you would expect from us, but from time to time, you may feel that you need to tell us about a problem or issue that you have.  Our Patient Complaints Policy gives you information on how to express your grievance and what we'll do about it.

Visits to your home by the doctor is a very scarce resource and the principle criteria for a visit is for those patients who are registered as housebound.  Our Home Visit Policy gives details of who can receive a home visit.

Our staff have a right to work in safety, free from the threat of violence, intimidation or harassment. Our Violent & Abusive Patient Policy explains what will happen with patients who are abusive or violent towards our people. 

You have a right to access a coded summary of your individual healthcare record.  If you choose to do this, you must be registered for online services.  Our Access to online medical records policy gives further details.

You have a right to ask for certain information from us under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  We have drafted a Freedom of Information Policy to enable you to better understand your options when requesting this information. Please bear in mind that some kinds of access bear a reasonable charge for the time and resources used to produce it 

To help you understand your rights and make informed choices about how we use, collect and share personal data about you, Westlands has produced an Information Fair Usage Notice.